Association of African Students Estonia


To promote the welfare of African students in Estonia, for our development, our continent and host country.

Our Mission and Goals

This includes, but not limited to:

i. Enhancing the well-being of African students in Estonia

ii. Promoting peaceful co-existence between African students and Estonia along and the entire Estonian community.

iii. Promoting contact sharing among African students.

iv. Aiding the integration of African students into the Estonian society.

Association of African Students Estonia Membership

i. The association is open to all matriculated African students in Estonia’s institutions of higher learning, and discrimination of any kind shall not be tolerated.

ii. Membership shall include matriculated students currently enrolled into any higher institution in Estonia, with at least 15 ECTS registered to his/her name and resides in the country.

iii. Such member should be active and participate in A.A.S.E activities and events and

iv. Shall pay a minimum yearly due of 10 EUR in the first month of the beginning of every new academic year of their institution.

Ehitajate Tee 5,
Tallinn, Estonia
+372 53959089